Meet The Founder

Tammera Holmes

Tammera Holmes is a professional airport planner by trade. She is also a Mentor, Conference Presenter, Public Speaker, Aviation Program developer for Grades K-12. She provides support for College Students who have or are seeking a degree in Aviation. She specializes in workplace readiness, i.e. resume writing, interview techniques, strategic management consulting and leadership training.

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Our Mission
Provide professional leadership training and management consulting through education centers to students and professionals in order to enhance academic awareness of aviation and aeronautical career path opportunities.

Our Purpose
Program/business development, community partnerships, entrepreneurship, career counseling and aviation academic awareness.

Our Target
Airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturing and systems, air traffic control, transportation agencies, state and local government and Academic establishments.

AeroStar, Aviation and Beyond!

AeroStar Note...

AeroStar Consulting Corporation supports the Chicago Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated, a Not-For-Profit Organization that encourages and assists youth within the Chicago Area in pursuing post secondary education and careers in the aerospace industry.

- Tammera Holmes. founder